Does your vote really count? According to a Rasmussen Survey, 84% of American’s have serious doubts, and 54% of Texans have walked away entirely. Secure Elections aren’t just necessary they are YOUR right. Texans across the State are FED UP and are begging for your help.

Returning to simplistic, verifiable, and cost-effective Paper Ballots is the ONLY solution being offered that ensures your right to a Fair Election and can end the divisiveness on ALL sides.

My Vote Counts 

My Vote Counts in Texas is leading the way for all Texans. This Petition is YOUR opportunity to take a stand and say: Enough is ENOUGH!
How is this different? For the first time we are rallying Texans across ALL Political Affiliations.


EVERY voter deserves the opportunity to make THEIR voices heard at the Ballot Box without fear of being undermined. When you sign this Petition you send our Elected Officials a message: OUR voices WILL be heard. Time is of the essence, and Your signature is needed TODAY. We need MILLIONS of Texans to make a clear stand to help not just in 2024, but beyond.

Act Now

“I am at liberty to vote as my conscience and judgment dictates to be right, without the yoke of any party on me.”  – Davey Crockett


Because of your help, Texas is leading the charge for bringing Paper Ballots back to our Elections.


By signing this petition, Registered Voters are calling on our elected officials to act!  Texans seek simplistic, cost-effective and verifiable elections for the following actions:

  1. Return to hand counted paper ballot elections.
  2. Votes Cast on Election Day in neighborhood precinct.
  3. Election Results Announced Same Day.
  4. Mail In Ballots Verified.
  5. No more Wireless Machines.
  6. No more Internet Connections.

Sign & Share Today for Action in July!

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